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Video Production

Lights, Camera, Action. Our experts ensure top-tier visuals and sound, delivering seamless productions. From actors to CEOs, we excel in making everyone in the spotlight feel comfortable and confident.

Movie Staff


Experience the power of personalized guidance. Engage in one-on-one consultations with an expert. From editing to lighting, sound, and camera setups, our consulting services ensure your vision comes to life.

Clip Editing Montage


Here is where we take all the footage and cut the good stuff into a timeline with animation and sound. Everything comes together in the edit. It’s also where the most time will need to be spent on your project.

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Video Types

  • Landing Page
  • Live Event
  • Training
  • Explainer
  • Scripted
  • Recruitment
  • Testimonials
  • Motion Graphics
  • Internal
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To put it simply, we film quality videos for quality businesses and brands.

Our main creative team consists of Ryan & Maddie, passionate filmmakers who specialize in short form video content for businesses, brands and organizations. Our mission as a production company is to consistently deliver quality products for all different budgets, by specially tailoring each project to our client’s needs.

Aside from the creative, our client’s experience is a top priority.

We know what it takes to make a great video. If you don’t know what you want or need, we’ll help you figure it out. If you already know what you want, we want to hear absolutely everything that will help us bring your creative vision to life!

We’re an extremely versatile team of creatives who love what they do, whether we’re producing corporate internal videos or video advertisements for products, we take great pride in our work. We truly care as much about your video as you do (if not more).

When in contact, you will always speak directly to a person that has creative authority in each project we produce. We are not a multi location conglomerate that hands over projects for others to complete. When you hire FULFILMS, every decision made in the process is taken care of by either Ryan or Maddie, and sometimes both.

Once we gather details about your project through the quote form at the bottom of this page, we will reach out with your video estimate. If necessary, we can book discovery production meetings to hear all of your wonderful ideas and propose how we can make them a reality. When you are ready to begin services, we both e-sign a standard video agreement which outlines the project details, payment schedule, and services being rendered.

Depending on the services we are providing, upon deposit the creative team typically will then begin the pre-production process by further getting to know your business, your business goals and your video’s target audience before deciding the best kind of storytelling that will resonate with that audience.

After that, we’ll write your script, create your concept, cast and rehearse talent, and scout locations. Once pre-production is complete or if you’re just hiring us to capture, we’ll film with all the bells and whistles and edit an incredible video you’ll be excited and proud to show off. Throughout the entire production process we’ll update you on completed steps like concept and script, and if necessary, revise and edit for your approval. All of our pre and post production services are handled virtually or over the phone, but we always love to see our clients and meet in person if that’s what they prefer.

Each project’s timeline is different, but typically we spend 1 day to a few weeks in pre-production, half day to multiple days of filming on location, and 1-2 weeks in post-production depending on the final runtime, graphics, animation, revisions and other editing aspects. We also offer rush production and editing rates for quick turnaround projects.

When it comes to the video edit we will deliver what is usually the final video, but sometimes a further revision or two are needed until it is just as you’d like. After that, we provide links to download the files in your desired file format, which is typically MP4 or MOV. We can also provide DVD & Blu-ray authoring if you have a specific requirement.


We want you to get the most ROI with your videos, and we can help with that. Our job is not done when we hand over the video. We can help with hosting your video on your website so you do not have other peoples ads imposed by YouTube. We can also format and run the video as an ad on the various online platforms that convert with proper keywords and target audience.

We offer very easy to understand pricing, which enables you to scale each aspect up or down depending on your budget. The most affordable options we have range between $2,500 – $5,000 for a completed video. Our module is simple as we work by the hours, so if we are only performing video editing services it can be even more affordable as our hourly rate for all post-production is a flat $100/hr.

We work with a variety of different voice over artists and translators specializing in all different languages like Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, German, and French to name some of the largest audiences. So depending on if your project needs captions translated, or find that perfect accent or annucaiation for your voice over we have you covered.

We typically utilize our Canon cinema camera shooting in 4k 12-bit RAW on most projects. Sometimes there’s a camera on a drone, other times we’re flying the camera on a handheld gimbal because movement is just another part of storytelling.


Lighting is everything. Every project is different and has their own stylistic choices, but we almost always go for a soft filmic look using our 3-point LED package and soft boxes, or natural light with modifiers like our 6×6 fabrics for diffusing, softening, cutting, and bouncing light.


Audio is half the experience. Whether we have a dedicated sound technician on set our your hiring our one person crew, audio will always be a priority. We have professional audio equipment and mics for all different environments and production requirements, from wireless lavaliere mics to different shotgun and condenser microphones.


Teleprompters are extremely time saving on set and a great option for those who aren’t comfortable on camera or don’t have enough time to memorize a script. They are especially useful on corporate interview set ups, and clients will often utilize our teleprompter service to ensure their CEO’s and team members deliver absolutely everything they intended to on camera.

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