Green Screen Wardrobe Tips

Chroma key (green screen) is a production method in which the background of a subject is effectively rendered transparent.​ To achieve maximum separation between the actor/talent and green backdrop, it’s important to wear the right kinds of clothing.​

Nothing green — any shade of green

Absolutely no green can be worn in front of a green screen, even the smallest touch of it (bright, olive, moss or khaki) can make a negative impact. The best colors for talent wardrobe are any shade or hue of blue, orange, yellow, purple/violet, gray, black, tan or off white. Pure white is not preferred as it can be very distracting.


No shiny fabrics such as satin or gold lamé

Shiny fabrics can potentially reflect the green backdrop, resulting in issues with the chroma key.

No loud or large patterns or stripes

For technical and aesthetic reasons, solid colors are best. Avoid patterns like checks, plaids, herringbone, and light or close stripes.

No fuzzy sweaters or heavy textures

Smooth fabrics are preferred.

Clothing that is wrinkle-free and professional (unless otherwise specified)

If possible, bring your fresh wardrobe on hangers and change on-site.


Lights can sometimes reflect on the lenses of your glasses, which can become an issue on the final video. If you have contact lenses, we advise you to wear them. If you don’t have contact lenses, don’t worry, we can work around this.

Jewelry that is minimal in size and quiet

In other words, do not wear charm bracelets or other jewelry that could potentially jingle with movement.


The green from the screen struggles to get through the fine gaps between your hair strands so smoothed down, non-frizzy hair is best for results. If you have curly or naturally frizzy hair, we recommend using gel or hairspray for a controlled hold.


It takes a lot of light to make a great green screen set up, so any makeup should be natural and matte to avoid a shiny complexion. Please do not take offense if we offer you facial blotting paper on set, we feel it is our responsibility to help you look your absolute best on camera.

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