title: Bagnet – It’s no BS

client: Bagnet Company

industry: Retail Trade

what we did​

We worked with Bagnet’s marketing team to bring their creative vision to life. Bagnet Company was growing rapidly and ready to take their marketing in a new direction to reach a different target audience.


  •  Pre-Production
    • Concept Development
    • Script Writing
    • Location Scouting
    • Storyboarding
    • Art Direction
    • Talent Casting
    • Rehearsals
    • Wardrobe
    • Scheduling
  • Video Production
    • Multi-Day Shoot
    • Multi-Person Crew
  • Post-Production
    • Digital Imaging
    • Video Editing
    • Music Licensing
    • Royalty Free Music
    • Audio & Sound Mixing
    • Color Grading
    • Motion Graphics
    • Visual Effects
    • Chroma Key Compositing

how we did it

The original script had a multi-location and actor concept, but the pandemic and lockdowns forced us to change the concept entirely. We casted a talented professional actress who immersed herself into the character we created. Prior to filming, we virtually prepared with the team and rehearsed the cast to ensure a smooth shoot day.

For multiple shoot days we utilized an entire office as our set, building different scenes and changing set ups throughout each day. Our Director worked closely with talent to perfectly deliver our carefully crafted script to ensure we had everything we needed exactly the way we wanted it. We then utilized green screen and visual effects to really bring the vision to life in post-production.

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