title: New Patient Addition

client: St. John’s Dignity Health

industry: Education and Health Services

what we did​

We partnered with St. John’s Dignity Health to produce a highly successful fundraising video that also spread community awareness and informed viewers about their new patient addition at St. John’s Pleasant Valley hospital.


  •  Pre-Production
    • Concept Development
    • Location Scouting
    • Wardrobe
    • Scheduling
    • Pre-Interviewing
  • Video Production
    • Multi-Day Shoot
    • Multi-Person Crew
  • Post-Production
    • Digital Imaging
    • Multi-Camera Editing
    • Video Editing
    • Music Licensing
    • Royalty Free Music
    • Audio & Sound Mixing
    • Color Grading
    • Motion Graphics

how we did it

Our creative team worked with the St. John’s Dignity Health Executives in Pre-production to write an effective list of questions to help guide the interviews and capture their desired content. On production day, we utilized the beautiful gardens at the hospital to serve as the set, showcasing them to the investors who helped fund them and future projects.

We professional lit each interviewee, blocking the harsh sunlight. We also made each background unique, which required us to stick to a strict shooting schedule and accomplish many set-ups and breakdowns throughout the multi-day shoot.

The subjects were Healthcare professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, and the CEO, so they had little to no experience being on camera. Our Director worked closely with each subject on set to ensure they were comfortable and confident in what they were delivering on camera.

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